Assent Protocol


frequently asked questions

- How to setup the Fantom network in Metamask?

Go to settings -> Networks -> Add network -> fill in the following:
  • Network name: Fantom Opera
  • New RPC URL: https://rpc.ftm.tools/
  • Chain ID: 250
  • Symbol: FTM
  • Block explorer URL: Https://fantomscan.com

- How to get initial Fantom for gas fees?

Either withdraw $FTM on the Fantom network from a CEX to your Metamask wallet or follow these steps:
1. Get $USDC on BSC or Polygon.
3. Bridge your $USDC from either BSC or Polygon for Fantom.
4. Your $USDC will be bridged to the same wallet address on the Fantom network and you will receive initial $FTM for gas fees. NOTE: the $FTM you receive from EVODeFi is enough for 1 transaction only so buy more $FTM for gas fees is the first thing you should do after the bridging is complete.
Thats all, easy peasy right?

- How to add $ASNT to your wallet?

Open your wallet -> Import token/ Add (new) custom token -> fill in the following:
  • Token Contract address:
  • Token symbol: ASNT
  • Decimals:

- Will $ASNT price be volatile?

A question that often comes from early community members in any project and which is a valid concern is about volatility. Assent protocol is designed to increase supply, this combined with our other mechanics such as locking, staking, bonding and yieldfarming can result in volatility.
During the initial growth stage volatility is expected, based on market sentiment, and therefore it is important for individuals to do their own research (DYOR) at all times.
Over time, volatility will decrease due to the Protocol liquidity growing more as the project expands.